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Re: Босоногие на панорамах

Сообщение Victor Sudakov » 23.02.2018, 15:36

crompton писал(а):Еще Кейптаун:

В SBL пишут, что в ЮАР всё плохо. Позволю себе процитировать:

As a South African, I'm horribly envious reading about New Zealand's comfortable approach to barefooting.

We used to be like that, especially our kids, but since 1994 (when the blacks took over) things have gone pear-shaped.

Our blacks seem to have a thing about proving their equality, and shoes apparently symbolise this for them. In the old days our schools were segregated by language, and especially in the Afrikaans schools nearly all the kids would be barefoot for the entire summer, i e from September to April. This of course spilled over to life outside school, so bare feet were not unusual and adults readily went barefoot, too.

Now the schools are integrated and normally have a large majority of black kids - and they wear shoes. This is unhappily fast becoming the new norm; in fact, a neighbourhood girl who I know used to go barefoot in and out of school but is now regularly shod, the other day explained to me her teacher ctually instructed them to wear shoes.

I see fewer and fewer white kids go barefoot, and for adults it is close to a no-no.
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